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Building on a reputation for delivering effective Antimicrobial Solutions in the Healthcare market, RLM Consulting has partnered with some leading manufacturers of Disinfectants and Electrostatic/ULV Fogging Equipment to help Hospitality, Education, and Corporate clients nationwide, to combat the spread of microbes that can harm us!  

Since Covid hit, America has become hyper-sensitive to everything in their surroundings; Concerned as to when the space was last cleaned, even, wondering who was sitting there or touched there last. All we can do, as business owners, is make them feel as comfortable as possible. Reassure them, it is "CLEAN". 


Make your cleaning procedures known. Let the guest, patient, student, or employee see that you are cleaning with the appropriate equipment and chemicals! Add some scenting, (I know a guy) , to give an enhanced sense of cleanliness. CLEAN is the sum of one's own senses. Seeing is Believing! Smelling is Telling! Feeling can be Revealing! 

Click through this section for more info on Sprayers/Foggers, Disinfectants, Temperature Kiosks and other cool tech we have available for you to help in the fight against Microbes!

Stay Safe, 

Marc Machlovitz


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